‘Hum Kar Rahe Hai Na’

Based on the stands social organizations often takes they are labeled as anti-govt. However these days this perception has changed and a mutual understanding between the two has developed, though it swings between positivity to negativity as per the situation and conditions. Since the nature of Soochna Seva’s work is in line with Government’s social arm, cooperation between the two is natural and will strengthen each other.

Bearing this in mind, Soochna Seva was looking for mutual grounds where both could complement each other. Mr. Nagendra Chaturvedi of Soochna Seva Guna team had a fruitful meeting with an officer of Social Justice Department who showed interest in teaming up with Soochna Seva. A follow up meeting with HO team further cemented the bounding.

Soochna Seva got its first assignment from the department in the last week of May where in the team was to procure the list of pensioners from the Social Justice department and give insurance cover to these pensioners under PMBSY.

In this regard SSK Chanchoura team went to the Block office to procure the list so that it could start the work. The meeting was quite interesting. As the Soochna Sevak Naval Kushwaha approached the officers at the department, the officers listened and advised – are aap kyun tension lete hain, hum ne sare Rozgar Sahayak ko suchi de rakhi hain vo isi kaam me lage hain.

Often it has come to light that the upper echelons of officialdom are more willing than the lower rings. At village level it is this ring which act as bottle neck be it be Jeetam Singh the rozgar sahayak from Khatkiya or BLO Beeram Singh from Umarthana or be it be Sunita Ahirwar or Mangilal Bhilla.