Information is Power

Shiri. Bala Pardi who met with an accident and subsequently succumbed to injury, had his insurance claim pending. This incident came to light when Soochna Seva team visited Pardi Chak of Muradpur Panchayat.

Smt. Hema Bai with the assistance of Shri. Shyam Pardi (Mobile No: 7389650049) had already submitted the paper to the company. In response to these submissions, company had sent a post explaining the policy details and benefits stipulated in the policy. Unfortunately, Hema Bai is not educated and did not realized the importance of paper. The matter was reported to the Soochna Seva team.

The team went through the paper and explained the points conveyed in the document. This explanation helped Hema Bai and she was immensely thankful to Soochna Seva Team.