Kundan Singh Silawat gets the benefit of ‘Mukhya Mantri Kanyadan Yojana’

Kundan Singh Silawat is a resident of Garkheda Panchayat’s Bachi village. Shiri. Kundan Singh’s daughter, Kaushalya was about to get married. But Kundan Singh did not had enough money to undertake the endeavour so he thought of getting assistance from Mukhya Mantri Kanyadan Yojna for this he also discussed it with his relatives and brought them overboard. He approached the concern officials at Budhana Village and noted down the required documents.

Though he had all the information he was still confused as he did not know how to go about. He realized that he should make call to Soochna Sevak Mukesh Yadav. After listening to his problems Soochna Sevak assisted Kundan Singh to make all the documents and submit them to the concern official. Shiri. Kundan Singh feels that Soochna Sevak was crucial in materializing his daughter’s wedding.