Soochna Seva team participated in Block Development Committee (BDC) Meeting, Chamba Block Tehri Gharwal

Block Development Committees have been formed at each block in order to perform the functions of planning, implementing and monitoring rural development schemes and projects under the Community Development Programmes. The committee constitutes a chairperson, vice chairperson, BDO, CDO including other members of various other departments.

Soochna Seva team chamba block (Tehri Gharwal) regularly attends the BDC meeting every three months and responsible for taking part enthusiastically by bringing up issues/concerns of villagers. This time too, Praveen Uniyal and Sushil Saklani have successfully engaged themselves in the discussion. The meeting witnessed the presence of Gram Pradhan of all the villages, Jila Panchayat Members along with Jyoti Neeraj Kherwal (District Officer, Tehri), Muhhammed Iqbal (Chief Development Officer) and Avinash Bhaduria (Social Welfare Officer). Variety of issues has been conversed in the meeting in turn of which makes it mandatory to the team to have its presence there. Highlights of the discussion were; distribution of nutritious food with health checkups at Aaganwadi Kendras in every month, 3 new pension schemes have been introduced such as pension for folk singers & traditional weavers, new toll free number is going to start by 1st February to disseminate information about schemes/programmes related to department of social welfare, the name of ‘Indira Awas Yojana’ has been changed to ‘Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana’